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Natural Soy Candles

Natural Soy Candles

Did you ever get an opportunity to experience a captivating aroma of fresh lavender? So, Wild & Free Organic offers you with 100% organic candles in Canada that creates a stunning 360-degree experience. Our soy candles will definitely awaken your senses with its natural ingredients.

Now, it’s time to bring modern ecstasy of a utopian era in your home with the intoxicating aroma of vanilla rose. The essential oil candles provide instant aromatherapy anywhere you go. Its peaceful aroma will surely reduce your stress in no time. The best part of our candles is they are manufactured with organic waxes and no toxic emission.

Enjoy the tranquility after a stressful day at work with our natural scented candles in Victoria. These natural candles are infused with a blend of refreshing and cool notes of green tea and honey to evoke an uplifting and aromatic scent. The revitalizing aroma exuding from our candles is quite ravishing and dreamy. Moreover, winter woods candles have an ability to keep negative energies away making it must-have at your home.

Have you ever experience the aroma of jasmine flowers? If not then our finely created jasmine sweet orange surely makes your living space smell like a mesmerizing forest full of fresh jasmine flowers. There is just something about eucalyptus candles as it adds a very special touch to the ambiance, whether it’s a coziness factor or just sheer elegance.

Wild and Free Organics products are all about going back to the natural ingredients to discover an aromatic fragrance. With the blissful scent of lavender orange, you can always bring a smile on your lips, the potent goodness of lemongrass candles will warm your heart to a next level, and the freshness of vanilla rose transport you back to your childhood days. As they are manufactured with organic ingredients so it’s the key to a healthy and organic lifestyle.