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Natural Lip Balms Collection

Natural Lip Balms Collection

Searching for 100% organic lip balm is now super easy. Free & Wild Organics offer you natural lip balm in Victoria. Here, we offer unique lip formula blended with organic ingredients like lemon-lime, coconut, Lemon mint, vanilla bean, coconut mint, and lavender honey. These natural ingredients will make your lips appear soft and smooth in just a few seconds. This will also add a pop of lip-boosting colors while hydrating dry areas. The 100% pure ingredients replenish lips with powerful antioxidants and Vitamin E stimulates the blood vessels.

With our wide range of organic lip balm treats your lips with the goodness of lavender honey that moistures deeply. This also leaves your lips soft and shiny for a longer period of time.

Most of you often get bored after using the same lip balm again and again. So, to cater to all your needs we have provided you with a wide range of lip balms. Our Lemon Lime Natural lip balm is based on pure organic oils and beeswax. It is made with organic jojoba and hemp oils for extra miniaturization. Moreover, Lemon-lime will give a very refreshing flavor to your lips.

Our chocolate mint lip balm’s recipe is crafted from Shea oil, sweet almond butter, castor oil, beeswax and natural vitamin E. We have made use of the finest natural ingredients to provide you long-lasting experience. Moreover, our lemon mint lip balm in Victoria has all natural lip plumping solutions and an exotic blend.

You can just scoop and swoosh anytime, anywhere and repeat as required that last long. These are specially designed to give you perfect plumped up lips for a flawless look.

Our balms are very easy to carry. You can carry it anytime anywhere with no inconvenience. So, for 100% natural and original lip balms get in touch with Wild and Free Organics. We will provide all the lip balms at a very affordable price.